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Spring Prairie Dog Hunting

Prairie Dog Hunting

Corey holds the new record for this year with his confirmed kill at 1,172 yards. AWESOME!

Jim's group...
...did some fantastic shooting! Gabe, Jim, Chris, Doug and Corey enjoyed a great day of shooting although the weather made it difficult with high winds and cold. But the shooting was HOT. Because I can dodge rain better than anybody in the business, Jim's group scored some brilliant confirmed kills. What a great bunch of guys! I hope to guide you guys again soon.

Prairie Dog Hunting - Married Couples

2 married couples...
...John, Ron, Betsy and Jane got their first taste of prairie dog hunting and had a blast. Everybody got some great kills. And what a nice bunch of people. I am lucky to attract such nice folks as these to my business. Thanks for the business and great stories and laughs you guys.

Prairie Dog Hunting - Gunsmiths

...Brandon and Glen made a one day hunt of it. They only had to travel from MN. They got plenty of kills out to and beyond 600 yards. They used several custom guns that they built. Their favorite shown here are customer 204...BAD MEDICINE for prairie dogs!

Jim River Guide Service is providing The Ultimate Guided Experience for shooting enthusiasts from all over the United States. The virus is keeping the foreigners from coming in this year, but luckily there are a LOT of Americans that are wanting to have some fun shooting prairie dogs. Are YOU one of them? The American hunters are keeping me busy right now---in SPADES.

"Once you showed us what to do with the rifle, it really helped. It made these long shots much easier." Jim, MI

We've had a volatile weather system for a week. While many other outfits have lost hunting days due to rain, JRGS clients have been burning it up. I haven't lost one single day yet this year. That's a huge deal. My customers are reaping the benefits. Not only did I find them dogs to shoot that weren't getting rained on, I found them dogs that were standing in the dust! It makes it so much easier to shoot if you get a nice dust plume each time you shoot. Just ask my hunters. It can't be overstated that I can dodge rain storms better than anybody in the business. When you travel this far to shoot, don't take a chance with a lesser outfit.

Corey came out with the goal of killing a prairie dog at over 1,000 yards. He set his sights high. He killed several over 1,100 including the prairie dog above DRT at 1,172 yards! That is the new record for this year. Jim holds second with his confirmed kill at 905. What a great way to get some fun and fresh air. Great job guys.

Prairie dog hunting is the epidemy of "social distancing". A lot of the dog towns we're shooting are literally more than 5 miles from the nearest human being! Prairie dog hunting brings out the American spirit in gunslingers from all corners of the country.

"Prairie dog hunting is the best way I know of to let off steam. I look forward to this trip every year. I'd recommend you to anybody Willie. You're the best." Scott, MN

Call me to enjoy a fast paced, high shot volume, low stress, challenging hunting experience for something you don't have to eat or clean! This is 100% fun!


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