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South Dakota Hunting Blog

Prairie Dog & Buffalo Hunting in South Dakota

Buffalo Hunting South Dakota

Al made a series of perfect shots to anchor this beautiful TROPHY BULL. Great job Al!

Bison Hunting South Dakota <

Meat Bull on a snowy day...
...when snow comes down on a buffalo hunt it really adds to the memory. Jon, from Chicago dropped this MEAT BULL with one shot from his 308. Compare my meat bulls with everybody else's then book your hunt with me. The hunting experience is that much better than my competitors too.

Buffalo Hunting South Dakota

Keith's Trophy Buffalo...
...Keith and I caught this TROPHY BULL bedded down in a patch of trees. That made the stalk fairly easy on this giant ranch. We stalked to within 35 yards and the bull never knew we were there. Where is the archery hunter when you want him! Some hunters like it when hunts turn into a major rodeo but I can tell you I like it when they come as easy as this one...Most don't. This bull will look fantastic on the wall.

Prairie Dog Hunting South Dakota

Bulldog is coming again...
...Michael "Bulldog" just booked his next hunt to target prairie dogs and coyotes for his military reunion trip. Thanks for your service guys! It'll be fun to have you out here again. Get your hunt booked because I'm filling up fast.

Jim River Guide Service delivers The Ultimate Guided Experience. Whether you want to hunt prairie dogs or buffalo on the prairies of South Dakota or brown bears and moose in Alaska. There is great value in building a working relationship that allows you to be guided for all of those things by the same guy!

"Every time I go hunting with you, I'm convinced even more that I'm hunting with the best guide in the United States. We've done a lot of hunting together; buffalo, mule deer, archery mule deer, coyotes, several brown bear and moose. Everytime I felt I got more than my money's worth. I can't say how happy I am with my last archery mule deer hunting experience. We had great success again. Thank you Willie." Mark, OH

Most people's experience with American Bison comes from seeing bison at parks or zoos or watching somebody ride one at a football game. Is that where you've seen them? If that's the case, it's reasonable to believe hunting bison is not thrilling.

Granted, there are many hunters who've "hunted" trained bison in or near national parks or shot bison in small enclosures. Go to YouTube or reality TV shows for proof. However, hunting bison with Jim River Guide Service results in an awesome hunting experience.

My hunters want the thrill of hunting American Buffalo on big country where the animals are scared to death of human beings. That's what they get. These bison are different from the bison you see at places like Custer State Park and Yellowstone Park that have been trained by 10,000 tourists to stand still for pics! The animals we hunt don't like humans.

"JRGS eagerly provides the names of ALL of last year's clients and the competition doesn't! That's a big deal."

Call me if you want an American Buffalo hunting experience that will yield fond memories you will take to your grave. Bring a non-hunter to join in the pleasure FREE of charge. I am booking up fast. If cabin fever is getting to you right now, call me. I think a buffalo hunt or prairie dog hunt would cure what ails you.

Call quickly to get your reservations for prairie dog hunting before all of the dates are sold out.


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Please call or e-mail me with any questions or to get a list of ALL my clients from last year.
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