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Dry Weather Shooting

Prairie Dog Shooting

Les and Jesse almost tied on the long shot of the trip award.

It's great having the ladies...
...represented. Kelley is a great shooter and fantastic hunting companion to her husband Les (pic above). "It is great to have somebody that enjoys the same things you do. We both have a great time hunting and shooting."

Prairie Dog Shooting Prairie Dog Hunting

The favorite Uncle...
...Everybody agrees that Bud is everybody's favorite uncle on Team Indiana! It's great having you along Bud. I look forward to your return. Even the best hunters sometimes need adult supervision. HAHAHAHA -Thanks Bud.

Jim River Guide Service is the premier prairie dog hunting destination in the world. I proved it again this week by dodging widespread rains that hit the upper plains and putting my hunters on fantastic prairie dog towns--DRY dog towns. Repeat clients Les, Jesse, Bud and Kelley returned to enjoy The Ultimate Guided Experience.

"We know you were going to get us set up right. We knew you were the guy that was going to find dry dogs to shoot at if anybody could." Les, IN

It's fun to have great people like this as customers. Thanks Kelley, Les, Jesse and Bud. I love listening to your stories. You make guiding fun!

JRGS provides The Ultimate Guided Experience to hunters from all 50 states and 13 countries. For the last year and a half the rona has limited the hunters from other countries who showed up.

If you are from another country, NOW is the time to get your reservations for Prairie Dog hunting next year. If you are from the United States, NOW is the time for you to make your reservations for Bison hunting this winter. I still have a limited number of Meat Bulls, Trophy Bulls and Super Trophy Bulls.

I sell out every year. So I don't have to be tempted to over-sell a hunt. When you call me, know that your getting the straight story. All I can do is tell you the way it is. If you want the hunt, book it. If you don't, somebody else will. Doing business this way gives a great advantage to the guy that can make an excellent decision quickly. Give me a call if that is you.

"Willie has an unbelievable number of prairie dogs out here. We've seen hundreds if not thousands of animals. It is hard to describe how many prairie dogs there are out here without sounding crazy. If you have ever wanted to hunt prairie dogs, don't even hesitate, call Willie up and book the hunt. You are in for the time of your life!" Rob

Contact me today about booking a prairie dog hunt for 2022. Or call me to see what big game hunts I still have open for the next year or two. I treat everybody the same. The first money that crosses my desk gets the dates. That gives everybody the same chance to do business with me. Call me with your credit card in hand for instant scheduling.


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Please call or e-mail me with any questions or to get a list of ALL my clients from last year.
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